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Function Description

iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum features include the following commands on the dialog box.

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Basic Function
1.-- Minimize the Window
2.X Exit the program
3.Index Select specified program chain.
Most of movies are stored in pgc 0.
Default is : first one
4.Chapter list List the chapter from opened dvd or file,
Tips: after open the file,you can move to the name column,click mouse right button to chage output filename
5.scroll bar scroll bar for chapter
6.Output Format Output video format.
Video CD is MPEG I. Super Video CD is MPEG II. AVI depends on what codec you installed.
If you choose AVI, you must select a codec in "Settings->Divx" if you want to make a DivX video.
Default is : Video CD
7.IFO Load ifo file to rip
8.DVD Select DVD Rom to convert full dvd
9.START Click to convert choosed chapter or choosed segment / when you rip the dvd audio,the button will be a stop button
10.VOB Load vob file to rip
11.Refresh refresh the content
12.Split Mode Isofter DVD Ripper split mode,you can custom ripping file size / custom ripping file time
13.Zoom Letterbox , medium and pan scan convert 16:9 to 4:3
Full doesn't correct the aspect ratio.
If you have a 4:3 DVD Use Full.
Default is : Letter Box (4/3)
Custom: Allow free crop and resize
Default is : Custom
14.Folder click the output label to goto output folder
15.Ouput frame click to show or hide output frame
16.Input frame click to show or hide input frame
17.Audio Audio track to extract.
Note: Only LPCM, MPEG Audio Layer 1/2 and AC3 are supported.
Default is : first one
18.Angle Select specified angle.
Most of movies are stored in angle 1.
Default is : 1
19.Subtitle Subtitle Offset:
Vertical offset in pixel of the subtitle.
This values is automatically adjusted if the subtitle goes out of the screen
Default is : first one
20.PreviewScreen Show the dvd's preview screen
21.Stop Click to play the movie
22.Play Click to pause the movie
23.Pre got pre charpter
24.Next got to next charpter
25.Preview frame click to show or hide preview frame
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