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Input Settings

Various types of Input settings are available in iSofter DVD Ripper Platinum. The following table provides an overview of the tasks you can complete using settings.


Function Description
Warning: this value is not automatically set, if you choose a different frame rate from the input, a pull down will be performed. Avoid conversion between NTSC and PAL.
Default is : 25

sDolby Surround:

Enable Dolby Surround downmix.
Allow to preserve better 5.1 FX in stereo mode
Default is: Enabled


Gain of the audio output.
No normalization is performed. A value of 1 can't generate distortion (cracking) but the output sound may be very low. The default gives a good volume for most DVDs.

Make few clip of the movie where you know the volume is high and adjust this value in order to get a good volume. You can also use the sound normalizer to find an optimum volume.
Default is : 3
CPU Type:
CPU calculation mode.
0 : MMX (works only on Intel MMX processors)
1 : 3DNow (for amd user)
2 : SSE2 for IntelP4 processor
3 : Normal (slow) don't perform MMX calcul
Default is : MMX
Video Resize :
Nearest Neighbor :pixels are simply copied into the spaces created when the original pixels are spread apart to make a bigger image, just like film grains under and enlarger.
Bilinear interpolation : Bilinear interpolation looks to more known pixels in order to estimate the empty places. Because it looks at a wider radius of surrounding pixels to any "hole' it is trying to fill,Bilinear interpolation gives a visibly smoother result.
Bicubic: the best of the three "traditional" methods of interpolation, and the one that Photoshop? usually uses. Certainly an improvement over Bilinear, especially at modest sizes where it seems sharper than Bilinear, but Bicubic begins to show considerable softness and loss of detail if it's asked to enlarge significantly
TAP filters are 2Pass filters , that give the best quality, but are slower (Please Note: The TAP filters are the options prefixed with ¡4®4TAB').
Bilinear uses 2*2 nearest points to smooth the picture
BiCubic uses 4*4 nearest points to smooth the picture

Default is : Bilinear interpolation
Name rule:
use <title>, <chapter>, <artist>, <album>, <year>, <genre>, <volume> to create an unique filename for each file, You can also use backslash(\) to create folders.
Default is : <title>-<chapter>-<volume>
Add WaterMark add your custom Text or Logo as wartermark to the ripped movie.
Default is : Disable
Process Priority:
The program procress priority in system.
Default is : High
Overwrite file:
overwrite the exsit file without asking
Default is : No
Shut Down: check the box the program will shutdown the computer after job done
Change color : Change color while encoding
Auto detect : Auto detect DVDs or VOBs
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